Start working on PowerPoints if possible!!

Visit museums if needed: List below.

u DuSable Museum
u Field Museum (Cultures of Africa and Archaeological Collection)
u The Art Institute of Chicago (Africa Collection)
u Bronzeville Children’s Museum
u Ethnic Heritage Museum
u National Museum of Mexican Art
u Chicago Latino Film Festival

Groups in case you were absent:

A Day
Group one: Amber, Jaila, Daniel, Nataly
Group two: Ruben, Avia, Ariana, Mariah
Group three: Mike, Vanessa, Penny, Dulce
Group four: Sara, Valeria, Evelyn, Alfredo
Group five: Ahmad, Jovani Estrada, Krystian, Edwin
Group six: Andy, Dangela, Daniel Ornelas, Q
Group seven: Megan, Darren, Jovany Torres

B Day

Group one: Makayla, Bergamo, Christian, Lizette

Group two: Mario, Amanda, Emmanuel, Vanessa

Group three: Raul, Filie JR, Christopher, Makia

Group four: Ruler, Kevin, Coral, David

Group five: Mack, Jacob, Frida, Mekeda

Group six: Lucia, Steven, Briana, Yacine

Group seven: Jayla, Daniel, Carilllo