Start working on PowerPoints if possible!!

Visit museums if needed: List below.

uDuSable Museum
uField Museum (Cultures of Africa and Archaeological Collection)
uThe Art Institute of Chicago (Africa Collection)
uBronzeville Children’s Museum
uEthnic Heritage Museum
uNational Museum of Mexican Art
uChicago Latino Film Festival

Groups in case you were absent:

A Day
Group one: Amber, Jaila, Daniel, Nataly
Group two: Ruben, Avia, Ariana, Mariah
Group three: Mike, Vanessa, Penny, Dulce
Group four: Sara, Valeria, Evelyn, Alfredo
Group five: Ahmad, Jovani Estrada, Krystian, Edwin
Group six: Andy, Dangela, Daniel Ornelas, Q
Group seven: Megan, Darren, Jovany Torres

B Day

Group one: Makayla, Bergamo, Christian, Lizette

Group two: Mario, Amanda, Emmanuel, Vanessa

Group three: Raul, Filie JR, Christopher, Makia

Group four: Ruler, Kevin, Coral, David

Group five: Mack, Jacob, Frida, Mekeda

Group six: Lucia, Steven, Briana, Yacine

Group seven: Jayla, Daniel, Carilllo